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At Crowd Surf, the Fan comes first. Our marketing initiatives focus on ways to create organic, meaningful connections between artist and follower, through everything from intimate on-site promotions and innovative social media activations.

We are a digital marketing company – yes, but our efforts extend far beyond the confines of the Internet. In addition to overall entertainment marketing services, including social media management, e-mail list creation and strategy, and touring, and merchandise promotion, we also offer our clients pioneering ways to place their art directly into the hands of fans.

Whether it’s offering unique “VIP” experiences to influential fan sites and bloggers or kicking off an international interactive promotional campaign - we collaborate with our clients on every level. We’re about teamwork and total commitment. We’ll design the website, we’ll direct that shuttle bus of fans or be waiting backstage to hand you a bottle of water.

We’ll nurture brand alliances and influencer partnerships. We’ll dream up an out- of-the-box digital campaign. We’ll lug an amp or carefully bedazzle a special Sharpie for autographs. No matter how big or how small the job, the Crowd Surf team is there to ensure that all our artist become an integral part of people’s every day lives, connecting to their fans not just digitally, but experientially, in real life interactions - as well.

Crowd Surf works with our clients to create campaigns that throw out the old playbook... and welcome in a new era of artist/fan relationships.

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